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Woodworking Plywood Glue Mixer Blender Machine

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Customized: YES
Voltage: 380v/415v
Transport Package: Standard Export Packing
Price: discuss personally
Total Supply:
Area: China Shandong
Validity: forever
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High quality glue mixer for plwood making
Product Description:
Glue blender adopts vertical structure. Raw materials feeding into the charging basket, raw materials driven by the knife along the barrel wall clockwise rotate and filp, at the save time adding the glue when the blade moving. No matter what the shape/size/density of the material,the machine can make the material and adhesive buoyancy in instant weightlessness, which makes the material within the omni-directional continuous loop turn, mutual crisscross.Through such high-speed rotation, so as to achieve rapid mixing of the ideal effect.

High Quality Glue Mixer for Plwood Making
 Model TJ-I
Diameter of the Interior tube Ф800 mm
Motor power 3 kw
Net weight 230kg
Overall Dimensions(Dia×H) Ф1400×1350 mm

Glue mixer is an important machine in plywood making section, The glue mixer usually works together with Veneer/Plywood Glue spreader, used to mix glue evenly.
High Quality Glue Mixer for Plwood Making

High Quality Glue Mixer for Plwood Making

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