Pipe steel cutting equipment with Fiber Optic Lasers

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Brand: HANS GS
X axle stroke: 3048 mm
Y axle stroke: 2000 mm
Z axle stroke: 80 mm
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Area: China Hebei
Validity: forever
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Pipe steel cutting equipment with Fiber Optic Lasers , carbon steel pipe cutters


Advanced fiber laser cutter


The machine has a strong gantry structure and unique design to make it the most user-friendly machine in the

market. The gantry structure ensures precision cutting since there the cross beam is supported at both ends,

hence no overhang.

The competitors models a re with a cantilever structure which is much weaker and less precise.

The machine also features total free space for workpiece cut off, metal particles and sparks. This feature not only

results in a clean working area but also the transmission system and all vital components of the machines are

protected from dust, metal and workpiece damage. Thus HAN'S GS machines have a longer life and more accurate cuts.

Clamping system

HAN'S GS pipe cutting laser machines comes equipped with two sets of high precision pneumatic chucks for

workpiece clamping.

The front chuck with four roller jaws helps in centering, holding and also allows for free front and back movement

of the workpiece.

The back chuck with four jaws holds the workpiece in position and has a rotation axis and linear axis to turn and

feed the workpiece respectively.

These chucks are very versatile since it can hold round, square, oval, rectangular and other irregular shaped


Pipe Steel Cutting Equipment with Fiber Optic Lasers, Carbon Steel Pipe Cutters




Output power of laser source (Optional)


Cutting area (L * W) (Optional)

3000 * 1500 mm

4000 * 1500 mm

6000 * 1500 mm

Max. tube diameter

200 mm

Max. tube processing length

3 m

Max. tube cutting thickness

6 mm

X axle stroke

3048 mm

Y axle stroke

2000 mm

Z axle stroke

80 mm


water cooling

Max. accelerated speed of X, Y axles

1.2 G

Kerf Width

0.1 - 0.3 mm

Positioning accuracy of X, Y and Z axles

± 0.05 mm

Repeated positioning accuracy of X, Y and Z axles

± 0.03 mm

Processing precision of work piece

± 0.1 mm

Kerf harshness

Ra 3.2 - 12.5 μm


380V, 50/60Hz

Continuous working time

24 Hours

Max. bearing weight of working platform

600 Kgs

Total installed capacity

20 - 25 KVA

Total protection level of power supply


Features of CNC control system:

1.Gantry axle function

2.Pulse punch function

3.Z axle tracking function

4.Complete laser code and parameter

5.Mechanical precision compensation

6.Storage for several processing file according to

7.Automatic acceleration/deceleration for corner cutting

8.Friendly man-machine interface, easy operation which can master in short time

9.Complete machine tool adjustment parameter and cutting technique database

10The laser power can be adjusted to suit for metals of different materials, thickness and working gas

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Pipe Steel Cutting Equipment with Fiber Optic Lasers, Carbon Steel Pipe Cutters

Pipe Steel Cutting Equipment with Fiber Optic Lasers, Carbon Steel Pipe Cutters


1. Can cut metal sheet/carbon steel/stainless steel/aluminum/copper/zinc

2. Petrochemical industry

3. Bus manufacturing

4. Steel construction

5. Medical equipment

6. Fitness equipment

7. Electrical engineering

8. Kitchen ware industry

9. Advertising brand

10. Precision machinery

11. Pipe processing

12. metal processing

13. Sheet metal industry